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Aioli, Bouillabaisse.


“Aïoli” dish is very popular in South of France. It is an assortment of steamed seafood (including desalted cod) and vegetables to eat with the famous “Aïoli” sauce !


Our signature dish: "La Bouillabaisse", a traditional dish from Marseille, Herve’s hometown, which has become one of the symbols of this city.

This full meal is composed of a fish soup (served with croutons, rouille sauce, garlic and grated cheese), to serve first, and a selection of five different white fishes, cooked in a broth, to serve after with potatoes, more soup and rouille sauce. The five fishes are, most of the time, Red Mullet, Pink Snapper, Seabass, Red Snapper, Grouper, but it can be others white fishes according to catch.

We prepare for you :

- Fish soup, croutons, rouille sauce, garlic and grated cheese.

- 5 different white fishes marinated.

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